The one accessory for Pico 4 you need: Elite Strap by ZyberVR

The elite strap for pico 4 by zybervr, improved comfort

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Why you need the Elite Strap for Pico 4?

If you are looking for a way to enhance your VR experience with the Pico 4, you might want to check out the Elite strap by ZyberVR. This accessory is designed to provide more comfort and stability for your headset, especially during long sessions.

The Elite strap has quite some advantages over the original strap that comes with the Pico 4. Let’s talk about them. I also want to mention that for this product review we used the product for a few days so we could have a real opinion on it.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Elite strap, as well as the one negative thing we found about it. The Elite strap consists of two parts: a softer and smoother top strap and a wider and more comfortable back face cushion.

The good: Elite Strap by ZyberVR

The original strap is made of hard plastic and rubber, which can be uncomfortable and cause irritation after prolonged use. The original strap and back cushion also has a tendency to cause the headset to move, slip off or loosen over time, requiring frequent adjustments.

The Elite strap we have here, on the other hand, is made of soft and durable material that feels good on your head and hair and stays in place.

Another positive point to mention, the Elite ZyberVR top strap helps to distribute the weight of the headset, and it also reduces the feeling of pressure on your head. While the back face cushion fits perfectly the shape of your head by being wider, providing more support and balance. Together, these two parts make the Pico 4 feel lighter and more secure on your face as well as more comfortable.

Do not forget that you can combine the Elite Strap with other accessories like the the Prescription Lenses and IR Light

The one possible negative point

However, the Elite strap is not perfect, but nothing can be, so let’s see the one and unique negative point we found during the testing.

One potential issue that you might encounter is that it may not be compatible with all face covers. Face covers, while we managed to make it work with the AMVR Facial for Pico 4, it felt like it the top strap was pushing it back and therefore making the face cover a bit less stable and less fixed into place.

Basically, this means if you use a face cover that somehow is not compatible with the Elite strap, you might experience some discomfort or reduced field of view as you might have to adjust the headset even more than before. However, it is actually hard to find a non-compatible facial, so you shouldn’t worry too much about this.

And this is probably not an issue for most people, since for the original Pico cover, it works and feels great, and for the AMVR it does too, while the feeling it is not as tighten as it should be, but if you treat your headset normally you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

In conclusion, the Elite strap by ZyberVR is a great accessory for Pico 4 users who are looking for a fix to the loose feeling of the headset some people are experiencing and an improved comfort.

Where can I get the Elite Strap by ZyberVR?

If you want to get one for yourself or a friend, you can do it through this link (Elite Strap by ZyberVR), or by using the coupon code: portalfriki, which gets you a 15% discount!

By doing this you also help us to be able to provide more quality and product reviews!

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