The Best Accesories for your VR Headset: Prescription Lenses & IR Light by ZyberVR

zybervr prescription lenses for pico 4 vr headset
zybervr ir laser for vr headsets no light needed for gaming

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Some of the best VR Accessories you can buy right now!

The best VR Accesories aren’t always the most talked about, while we’re used to finding new articles about comfort mods and accessories, there’s much more to add to VR.

Meet the prescription lenses and IR Light by ZyberVR. Two solutions to get your VR gaming sessions to the next level.

How Prescription Lenses can Improve the Experience & Comfort of your VR Headset

VR is such an amazing technology, I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t been at least surprised by how realistic and great VR is when trying it for the first time, however, I have met many people who complain about the comfort of wearing a VR headset while wearing glasses.

If you’re one of the glasses user, keep reading because I’m bringing the perfect solution to your problem. Whether it is the Quest 2, Valve Index, Pico 4 or Varjo Aero, you have probably encountered some issues but they all share an easy solution.

Some of the most common problems are the discomfort from the pressure of the headset on your glasses, and a blurry vision when the lenses are not properly aligned with your glasses.

You may have also been worried about scratching your glasses or your headset lenses while putting or taking it off.

These little issues we just mentioned add up and can ruin your VR experience and make you feel disappointed, left with a bad feeling about what VR is about in today’s world. That’s where the prescription lenses come in to fix most of these issues.

What are “Prescription Lenses for a VR headset”?

Prescription lenses are specially designed lenses that fit into your VR headset and match your prescription. This completely removes the need for contact lenses or glasses when using the headset.

prescription lenses from zybervr for pico 4 vr headset

What are the advantages of using prescription lenses?

We talked with our friends from ZyberVR and they kindly sent us prescription lenses for the Pico 4 VR headset, and we’ve been using them for a week now. Let’s dive into what our experience has been like while using them.

First of all, I want to mention how freeing it feels when you know you can just put on your VR headset and completely feel immersed.

There’s no need to adjust the glasses, you can put on the headset and get going on your favourite VR journey.

Another great point is the relief of knowing you’re not going to scratch either lenses, it is just great. And even if you scratched them somehow, you’d just be scratching the prescription lenses, not your headset original’s VR lenses

This means you can still buy another pair of lenses or just stay without them, but at least you didn’t end up with a brick instead of a headset because you scratched the lenses.

One more advantage we noticed almost instantly is that blurry borders are completely gone, before you may have had your glasses move while gaming and therefore causing some upper or lower borders to look blurry because they were out of your glasses space, now everywhere you look is as crisp and clear as it can be.

I want to mention that my review method was to avoid reading or learning anything about Prescription Lenses and finding myself the advantages and disadvantages while using them, then looking it up online to compare and finally understand what I found out.”

Downsides to using Prescription Lenses

We have to say that we’re impressed by the experience, and by the fact that there were only two real downsides we’ve encountered, the first is that reflections can be a bit more noticeable now, since the lenses are an extra layer they also add more reflections.

How more noticeable it is will vary on what type of lenses your device uses, on our experience with the Pico 4 it was just a bit more noticeable when the image on either the side or the centre was completely dark, while the remaining image had a bright light.

Outside of this isolated example, this issue wasn’t even an issue as it wasn’t noticeable at all under any other circumstance.

I have to say that it took me a few days using the prescription lenses on the VR headset to actually notice this was happening.

The other issue we mentioned, the prescription lenses have your current prescription, meaning that if your prescription changes the lenses you ordered won’t be of any use, however, given that most VR users are young adults, and as you stop growing your vision also doesn’t change, this shouldn’t be an issue.

ZYBER VR Infrared IR (Infrared) Light for VR Headsets

Now let’s talk about other product which we also consider one of the best vr accessories available – An IR Light

If you like to game all day long, there’s something you might have wondered before. Isn’t it possible to play during the night without having your neighbours seeing you through the windows as you’re the only light?

Well, it is in fact possible and very easy to do. You just need an IR Laser accessory for your preferred VR headset. In our case, we’ve done the testing with the Zyber VR 3W IR Light, a pretty affordable and fully compatible with all headsets IR solution for VR devices.

zybervr ir laser for vr headsets no light needed for gaming

Advantages of using an IR Light with your VR Headset

The IR laser is a type of laser that emits light in the infrared spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye. But this spectrum it’s perfectly visible and it can be used for tracking on VR devices such as the Pico 4, Quest 2… In fact, this is the way your current controllers are being tracked.

So, what is a IR Light useful for? First of all, it completely eliminates the need of any ambient light to play, so you can enjoy the thrill of playing in complete darkness.

The already mentioned privacy as your neighbours won’t see you playing each night is the first plus, then since it allows you to play in full darkness it solves the light leakage problem many people experience, or if you live with more people, you won’t annoy them when they want to sleep.

Disadvantages of the IR Light

However, the IR laser also has one drawback. Using the IR Laser increases the battery usage, since it needs to be powered by the headset to produce the infrared light.

This translates into a little shorter battery life, you’ll either need to recharge your headset more often, or carry extra external batteries with you.

Solving the issue: Two power modes

Fortunately, there is a way to almost completely overcome the drawback of power usage: this IR laser by ZyberVR supports two power modes: 1W and 3W.

The 1W mode is for playing with low light conditions, such as dusk or dawn or a subtle light turned on. In this mode, the IR laser is less powerful and requires a bit of luminance to track but it also consumes less battery.

The 3W mode is for playing in total darkness. In this mode, the IR laser emits a more powerful infrared light, but it also consumes more battery.

Personal experience with the IR Light

My personal experience with it has been great, I have been able to play without light on my room and I have not had any tracking issues at all. It was all as smooth as it was when I was using my room’s light to help with tracking.

For the price of around 22$, the IR Light solution by ZyberVR is actually a quite interesting accessory that I’d recommend to almost every single VR enthusiast, since we’ve all gamed on the late hours and we’ve all had the issue when we were annoying other people because of the increased lightning needs.

Where to purchase ZyberVR IR Light & Prescription Lenses

If you are sold on the idea of buying either the prescription lenses or the IL Light to improve your VR experience, we recommend checking the ZyberVR website, we have worked with them and they’ve been really quick to respond, helpful and most importantly, their product is high quality.

If you liked this review and want to buy their product, you can use our affiliate link: ZyberVR Accessories or if you want you can use our coupon code: portalfriki

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