Pico 4 Update 5.6 – More steps in the right direction

pico 4 vr headset update 5.6 already here

Bytedance, the parent company of Pico just released the well awaited update 5.6 for their latest consumer-level VR headset, the Pico 4.

This update includes bug fixes, upgrades, new settings, QoL and much more, if you want to know about everything new make sure to keep reading until the last word.

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Pico 4 – Update 5.6 Beta Notes

Controller vibration has been optimized, allowing for better click feedback on some apps
Controller firmware gets support for «silent update», which translates into no more interruptions during updates.
The position of prompts when casting and recording has been adjusted, so it is less intrusive.
USB connecting devices prompts have been optimized for easier understanding
Improved English LipSync accuracy of avatars, making speech and talking more accurate and realistic when an avatars is speaking
System performance and stability have been improved

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue where gestures were unresponsive in seethrough scenes occasionally.
Fixed the issue that users can not pause and mute/unmute while playing video introduction on the details page in the store.

As the update was launched just last week, it is expected to completely arrive to all Pico 4s by the end of the next week.

So, with this new update, while it is their biggest update to date, it keeps bringing more and more improvements over to the Pico 4, which is great, because since launch date in October last year, the headset has reached a whole new level.

Some of their biggest improvements are: A store with more than 300 games, more compatibility over OpenXR, greatly improved game support so that controllers are now detected and work out of the box in almost all games and hand tracking in a very early stage but already functional and usable.

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