ESTJ – Executive – 16 MBTI Personalities

Among the 16 MBTI personalities the ESTJ personality is the second most recurrent profile among male people. It is characterized by being a profile of highly disciplined, practical and orderly people.

executive estj 16 personalities

ESTJ Personality – Executive


6% women, 11% men.

They are practical, realistic, decisive and fast people making decisions. They organize projects and people so that things are done as efficiently as possible. They take care of every detail and have clear values in place that they systematically follow and want others to do so as well.

Adjectives describing this profile:

Organized, logical, assertive, empirical, determined, practical, Machiavellian, analytical, systematic, concise, critical, responsible, with good common sense.

ESTJ – Explained by me:

That fucking professor who spent all day pissed off? Possibly a ESTJ. It corresponds to an extremely practical, honest and hard-working person profile, very traditionalist and orderly. All this is good qualities until you work alongside him/her and you do not meet its standards, because they themselves demand a lot, but demand the same to their entire environment. They love to lead people because they trust their personal values so much and believe that everyone should be like them.


  • Bankers, financial managers and business owners.
  • Second profile with lower average CI.
  • Fourth profile with better college access notes.
  • Fifth profile with more college credits.
  • The profile that best deals with stress.
  • Third profile with greater satisfaction in romantic relationships.
  • One of the most satisfied with his work.
  • The profile with fewer suicidal thoughts in adolescence.
  • They’re usually Type A personality.
  • The most likely profile to deal with a problem.
  • The most likely to suffer from ODO.
  • The ones who deal best with their to-do list.

Examples of ESTJ People

People: Ben Shapiro, Hillary Clinton, Saddam Hussein

Characters: Vegetta, Kratos, Mycroft Holmes

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