Who is Andrew Tate? – Bio, Net Worth and a criminal?

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All about Andrew Tate – The most controversial figure of recent times

andrew tate and bugatti before being arrested

Who is Andrew Tate? Businessman, Influencer and a Criminal?

Andrew Tate is a British man, born in 1986, is currently 36 years old and is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a public and relevant figure on the Internet. 

He is known for speaking out on controversial issues and giving opinions that go against what most of society currently thinks, as well as for bragging about money, women, and cars, highlighting his Bugatti, which he claims to have cost him a total of 4.2 million dollars.

During the last week of December 2022, both Tate brothers were detained by the Romanian police, for now their case is still being investigated.
If you want to know more about it, you can read this article about their detention.

It is estimated that his net worth is over 350 million dollars, although according to him, his brand and image together with his companies could reach a billion dollars.

Andrew Tate’s Beginnings

andrew tate kickboxing world champion
Tate during a kickboxing fight

Now that we know who Andrew is, let’s talk about his and his brothers beginnings, they were born in the United States, but when they were young they moved with their parents to England, where they have lived most of their lives.

In his entrepreneurial beginnings, Andrew Tate worked as a salesman, where he became interested in business after standing out as an employee in the company where he was working.

That is why, while working, he decided to open an advertising agency for television, and although it did not last long and did not give him big profits, he himself assures that it served him to learn many things at that time.

Some time later, Andrew began his career as a professional kick boxing fighter, a sport in which he won the title of world champion 4 times during his career, having participated in a total of 87 professional fights around the world. 

While Andrew was fighting, his brother Tristan Tate was working as a salesman in a company to earn the money needed to support both of them, since according to Andrew the money he was getting for kick boxing was little and rather barely enough.

Several years later, Andrew retired from kick boxing due to his eye problems, as he had suffered from a detached retina and a sport of fighting like kickboxing was a great risk to his vision, and could leave him blind if he received a bad punch.

The Tate brothers’ businesses

andrew tate hustlers university school

When Andrew Tate quit kick boxing he decided to go into the business world, that’s when he decided to open a «cam girls» website, a site where users could talk and have «private» conversations with women (called online models) who posed in their underwear or completely naked. 

The business model was that users, almost entirely men, could make donations for the model to spend more time broadcasting, or do whatever they requested. 

This began to escalate, reaching a point where there were cases of individuals donating more than 20,000 pounds in a single night, ruining their loans, inheritances…

According to the Tate brothers, this business gave them a profit of more than 7,000,000 dollars, allowing them an economic freedom that they would take advantage of to create more businesses later on.

Hustler’s University – The real business that made them truly rich

But what has really made the Tate brothers multimillionaires has not been the «cam girls» company, nor that they own several casinos in Romania or the fact that they have several companies, their main source of income is their company «Hustler ‘s University» or now called «The Real World».

This company is based on an online school or university, in which according to Andrew comments, teaches you to «escape from the Matrix» which is society and the mental slavery in which we live and have been imposed.

In order to escape as he says, «The Real World» teaches you different methods to earn money, and get the famous financial freedom that is usually sold in all online courses. Although Andrew assures that for this you will have to dedicate many hours and it will not be as easy as other online gurus try to sell it to you.

For many, this supposed University or Online School is nothing more than a scam and a way to take advantage of the influence it has gained.

Currently it is estimated that this company is giving him an approximate profit of more than 10 million dollars a month.

Andrew Tate Today – The most loved and hated man at the same time

andrew tate person in yatch

But all of this wouldn’t have worked if he hadn’t first had a public that listened to him and was willing to pay for «Hustler’s University.»

For this reason, Andrew began appearing on all sorts of podcasts, interviews, talks… with the aim of attracting public. It is through his power of conviction that he has managed to attract huge numbers of people to his side, people who buy his service.

His most controversial comments have been those related to women, where Tate shows a more traditional view, where the man has more power but is also the one in charge of giving and providing everything the woman needs and asks for.

Another point that has angered many, is his vision of man, a human being who cannot be weak, who must be competitive, fighter, fearless and willing to put in all the necessary hours in order to achieve his goal.

This shocks to a big degree with what we hear nowadays in social media, television, etc… that say that a man does not have to be an unbreakable figure but that he can cry, that it is okay to enjoy his free time without working… something both Tate brothers are against if what you want is a successful life.

Tate brothers arrested, are they criminals?

According to the police, Andrew and Tristan have been under police surveillance since April, and on December 29, authorities in Romania, where he lives, broke into his home to arrest him and his brother.

As far as we have been able to learn from the authorities, the motive would be «affiliation to an organized criminal gang formed by 4 people», which would carry out crimes of exploitation and human trafficking. For now the prosecutors have requested to extend his detention for 30 days in order to continue investigating.

If you want to know more, you can read this article that explains what happened

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