Famous Andrew Tate Arrested at his Luxury Home in Romania

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Andrew Tate has been arrested along with his brother accused of several criminal charges

Andrew tate detained arrested
Images of Andrew Tate being arrested by Romanian authorities

What’s happened?

Yesterday, December 29, Andrew Tate was arrested along with his brother Tristan Tate by romanian police.

Who is Andrew Tate and why is he so famous?

Andrew Tate is a personality that has become extremely famous during the last few months on the internet, mainly because of his controversial comments on podcasts and interviews, he shows a conservative vision in certain aspects and wants to bring back the idea that a man has to be hardworking and strong, both mentally and physically, a figure that can’t fall apart or be manipulated by others.
He also assures that his main goal is to inspire men around the world to become like him, multimillionaires, with several women by their side and respected by others and all this through the path of effort and hard work.

It has been his most controversial comments about women that have led him to be cancelled and banned from almost all relevant platforms and systems, both social networks, banks, transportation companies, businesses… Even so Andrew has managed to stay on the top of searches worldwide, being a trend for several months.

Andrew Tate was a kickboxing fighter who became world champion several times, he is also a chess fan, activity where he stands out although he has never decided to dedicate himself to chess at a competitive level.

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania, why?

For now, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are in police custody in Romania, accused of human trafficking and exploitation of women by forcing them to create adult content and then selling it on the internet.

The BBC has been able to contact the DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism), who has told the BBC that prosecutors have asked to hold both brothers for 30 days.
It has also been made public that both brothers have been under police surveillance for 4 months prior to the arrest, along with two other Romanian nationals.

The reason for the arrest according to the authorities is that «Four suspects appear to have created an organized crime group, with the aim of recruiting, housing and exploiting women.» Two members of this criminal group would be of British nationality, and although the judge has not explicitly said that they are the Tate brothers, it seems most obvious to think that he is referring to them, the other members would be two unknown members of Romanian nationality.

Andrew and Tristan’s lawyer has commented to the press that they have used their right to remain silent before the authorities.

¿Twitter and Greta Thunberg?

Hours after the arrest, a tweet has appeared from Andrew Tate’s account responding that «The Matrix has come for me» to a meme with a Matrix image posted by Elon Musk.

This arrest has been just a few hours after Andrew Tate laughed at Greta Thunberg and her great concern for the environment, during this discussion that took place through Twitter, Andrew uploaded a video where a pizza box from a local Romanian pizzeria was seen, a detail that many believe revealed his position to the authorities and that would be what has made it possible for him to be now arrested.
From the point of view of the authorities, we do not know if this had something to do with it or if it was pure coincidence.

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