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Amazon Prime’s The Rig – A Great Series with a Poor Ending

fog and ashes approaching the oil rig in the rig beginning

The Rig Season 1: Synopsis

The workers on a remote Scottish oil rig were getting ready to head back to the mainland when a dense fog suddenly enveloped them, trapping them on the rig and unleashing supernatural forces. The story takes place on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig, located in the treacherous waters of the North Sea.

As the crew struggles to make sense of the strange happenings, they must also confront the possibility that they can’t trust those around them. The rig is hit by intense tremors and they must work together to uncover the source of the unknown power. If they don’t solve the mystery and discover what they’re facing, the world as we all know it could be in grave danger as the fog reaches the land. They must act fast before it’s too late.

During the Season 1 of The Rig, we’re giving piece by piece the puzzle about what the “entity” is, while at the beginning they suspected it was plain fog and ashes, as soon as Baz gets infected and becomes a whole different person because of it, they start to realise they’re facing something much more dangerous than they initially thought. Baz’s plan is to “save the entity” but that may include putting people from his own crew in danger, which is why they all work together to try to figure it out and stop him.

But as the story goes on, they realise this entity has been alive for who knows how many centuries and that it’s just trying to survive. Eventually after one of the oil rigs exploded for until now unknown reasons, a scape submarine with Coake and a few more people arrived to the main character’s oil rig. Coake will be a relevant character from now on, since he knew about this “thing” beforehand and he’s working with Pictor without minding killing people as long as they can get rid of it. Because of this, two people will die following Coake’s plan.

Now that you know a bit more about The Rig Season 1, let’s dive into it’s ending.

The Rig Ending Explained – Baz, Helicopter, Tsunami…

In the end, the crew manages to escape on a helicopter prepared for Coake by Pictor, but this helicopter isn’t going home. Baz, the first infected by the entity, sacrifices himself as he decides not to leave the oil rig. At the same time Cat’s wife sees the massive tsunami coming to hit land and probably leaving no survivors.

What about Baz?

Rose, Magnus and Fulmer went to Baz’s «hideout» and tried to reason with him to make him go back with them, but he says the entity is now angry because they tried to kill it and that he has to stay. By this we understand he’s making a sacrifice for the entitiy as the tsunami is almost there and he won’t survive it.

baz left alone in the rig ending

The Massive Wave

At the end of the Season 1 we can see a tsunami that it’s going to impact with the Oil Rig, luckily most of the crew escapes on a helicopter that had been initially prepared for Coake as his plan to escape was leaked thanks to Harish.

Right after this, we can see a scene in which Cat’s wife is seeing how the massive wave is approaching land, making it clear thousands of people are gonna die when it hits as such a huge wave won’t be stopped by anything on it’s way.

cat's wife seeing the tsunami reaching land

Where is Pictor taking them?

On The Rig Ending, while they’re on the helicopter, everyone gets shocked when they ask Coake how much time to get home and he says that they’re not going home, they’re going somewhere else, that they should have listened to him. It’s not clear whether they’re going to another Oil Rig to keep fighting the entity or what’s going to happen with them, only Coake knows Pictor’s plan.

the rig ending crew escaping on a helicopter

Will there be Season 2 of The Rig?

For now the series have had good reception, but with many criticizing the ending as a poor ending. And it’s understandable since the story had been going on a slow pace until the last episode in which everything ended so quickly and without much explanation that nothing was made clear, leaving many things unsaid and unexplained about what was actually going on…

For now there isn’t any news about whether there will be a Season 2 of The Rig, but the open ending and everything still unknown certainly needs a Season 2 if they want to explain it and leave fans with a good feeling.


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