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The Peripheral Ending Explained: What Happened to Flynne?

the peripheral final explicado

If you want to understand everything about The Peripheral ending, what happens to Flynne, Burton, Wilf, Aelita and Lev Zubov make sure to read the complete article, we’ll even talk about the possibility of a second season of The Peripheral, something truly wanted by the public.

The Peripheral: Synopsis

The Peripheral is a science fiction series that takes place in two different timelines: a small town in rural North Carolina in the year 2032, and a futuristic London in the year 2090. The show follows Flynne Fisher, a young woman living in North Carolina who gets caught in a dangerous and complex plot involving time travel, and a shadowy organization known as the Klept.

At the beginning of the series, Flynne is given a peripheral device developed in a future time, through which she’s approached by Wilf Netherton, a man from the future who tells her that she has something special that makes her the target of both the Klept and the Research Institute (R.I.), a rival organization. Flynne later learns that Aelita, who is now missing had stored very valuable information on Flynne’s brain (her own brain), and that evolves into a bacterial infection, this information makes her a target for both the RI and the Klept.

In the final episodes of the series, Flynne is faced with a difficult decision: to allow the R.I. to nuke her timeline and kill her in order to erase the information from her brain, or to try and find a way to keep it safe and out of the hands of those who would use it for their own gain. Ultimately, Flynne chooses to sacrifice herself in order to protect the information and those she loves, the series ends with her death in the North Carolina timeline, then another version of her wakes up in a new timeline in the future.

The Peripheral Ending Explained

During the last episode, Cherise plans to destroy Flynne’s whole stub to get rid of the information that Aelita stored on Flynne’s head. But Flynne won’t let this happen as this also means her whole family and world will be destroyed. In order to prevent Cherise from destroying the stub and save everyone, Flynne comes up with a plan to open a new stub and kill her in the current one, by doing this, she hopes to save her whole world.

To carry out this plan, Flynne seeks the help of Ainsley and Conner. The idea is to have Conner kill Flynne but make it appear as if Ainsley has assassinated her under the orders of Cherise, in the hopes that this will convince Cherise that the valuable information has been destroyed along with Flynne.

In the Peripheral ending, Flynne sacrifices herself in order to protect her loved ones from Cherise and stop the Klept from obtaining the information stored in her head. She will be back from another stub that she had previously opened, this will allow her to attack Cherise who is in the future London, but now she won’t know from where or what time she is been attacked.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Flynne in the new stub, so we can expect to have a second season.

What Happens to Burton, Wilf, Aelita and Lev Zubov?

wilf and flynne fisher
Gary Carr (Wilf) and Chloe Grace Moretz (Flynne)

Burton Fisher

As for Flynne’s brother, Burton, he must be torn between his loyalty to his sister and his anger at Conner, who killed Flynne in the North Carolina timeline without his permission. It remains to be seen how this rift will affect their relationship in the future.

Wilf and Aelita

Flynne and Wilf Netherton visit Wilf’s secret place, where they finally find Aelita. Aelita reveals the shocking truth about the Klept, the organization she works for. In the past, the Klept committed genocide in order to stem the spread of the infection and implanted survivors with devices to suppress their memory of it. Aelita, who has had her implant removed, now remembers everything and tells Wilf about her plan to lead a rebellion against the Klept and the Research Institute.

wilf and aelita back together

Lev Zubov and the Post Credits Scene

Meanwhile, Lev Zubov, the leader of the Klept, is betrayed by Ash, who reveals the existence of the bacterial infection in Flynne’s head to Cherise Nuland, the leader of the Research Institute. This leads into Cherise planning to nuke Flynne’s stub and kill Zubov in order to destroy the information and stop the Klept from getting their hands on it.

After the credits, there is an unexpected scene teasing Season 2 in which Lev Zubov is seen meeting with his father’s associates. Initially, they tease Lev about the Klept’s current predicament after recruiting Aelita and Flynne. However, when Lev becomes too serious, the trio drops the act and tells him to «cauterize the wound.»

What do they mean by «cauterize the wound», well the most logic thing to think is that the associates want Lev to kill anyone who could put the Klept at risk, including Flynne, Aelita, Ash, Ossian, and possibly even Wilf. Lev knows that if he’s not capable of handling what he’s been asked to do, he will probably face a bad ending too so he can’t fail.

lev zubov meeting post credits scene

Will there be a Season 2?

The ending of «The Peripheral» leaves many questions unanswered, but one thing is certain: the stakes are high and the characters will have to make difficult choices in order to survive in this futuristic world. For now the series hasn’t been renewed by Amazon Prime, but the series has been a total success, and the story is too unknown to be imagined, the series asks for a second part…

But at the end, we can only hope that «The Peripheral» will return for a second season to continue exploring the complex relationships and struggles of its cast of characters.

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