Final Fantasy XIV now available in VR thanks to a mod

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Final Fantasy XIV receives a mod that turns it into a VR game and it’s amazing

The community has done it again, modders Marulu -XIVR Dev- Project Mimer and Streetrat have developed a mod to make Final Fantasy XIV compatible with VR, offering a 6DOF experience.
These modders already had some renown in the past, as they were responsible for the acclaimed «Half Life 2 VR Mod»

This mod is completely free and open source, and you can find it in the FFXIVLauncher, as that’s where they have published their work and download links.

Among what this mod allows, we have Full 6DOF and support for first and third person camera, so that we can choose how we want to enjoy this new experience that from now on will be much more immersive.
For now there is no support for motion controllers so you will have to play using your own keyboard/mouse or console controller, but in the future it is expected to update the mod to also support VR headset controllers.

Where can I get this mod?

The mod is available for download through the XIVLauncher mod launcher, if you don’t have it yet and want to download it you can do it through this link.

If you do not know XIVLauncher, let us explain what is it.
XIVLauncher is a launcher for the Final Fantasy XIV video game, and offers a multitude of mods, improvements and extra content that we can download and install very easily in our game.

It is for this reason that the modders Marulu -XIVR Dev- Project Mimer and Streetrat have decided to include their mod in the launcher instead of releasing it separately, a wise move indeed as more people will be able to download and install it without any trouble at all.

This is not the only mod

As of today the PCVR community is proving to be one of the best time and time again, and there are several groups and individuals with more and more recognition every day thanks to the amazing mods they are developing.
Let’s see more examples and what they’re up to.

Praydog’s Universal VR Injector – It allows 6DOF (VR) in all UE4 games

Praydogs Unreal engine universal injector vr 6dof ffixv mod
Praydog’s UE Universal Injector – Ready or Not Gameplay

Resident Evil VR MOD by Praydog – It allows 6DOF (VR) with Hand Tracking

Youtuber Beardo Benjo playing RE2 Remake on VR by Praydog

Why the VR community and not the developers?

Seeing what the community is capable of with mods to transform «Flat Screen» games that we all know, to VR games with 6DOF and some of them even with controller tracking, we have to rethink if this work could not have been done by the developer himself in much less time and with more ease.
If you want you can leave below in the comments why you think game developers do not make these «ports» to VR.