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Pico 4 receives Update 5.2

pico 4 vr

Pico 4 has released update 5.2 globally

Pico 4 has received the long awaited update 5.2, which brings a multitude of changes and improvements.
Stick around if you want to know all about this update and what it means for Pico.

Initially yesterday, November 11, Pico launched the 5.2 update for all its users, however this deployment is not instantaneous and it will be reaching all users throughout the week, until the 18th.
Among some of the most relevant improvements we find:

(Pico 4 Update 5.2 – Lista de cambios y mejoras)

Improved headset performance and general optimization
Main menu and integrated applications optimized (low FPS fixed)
Improved «Handtracking» system, is now more accurate and responsive.
Added the «Beginner’s Guide», containing explanations of the most basic functions and possibilities of the device.
Added new «Lock Screen» function, with the intention of increasing the user’s privacy.
Optimization of the «Battery» providing more time of use per charge to the device.
Optimized device network performance
Increased the volume range of the speakers, allowing for a better listening experience
Camera passthrough has been improved with an AI to simulate 3D more realistically, although it may cause distortion at certain angles of the image.
Fixed an issue causing an electrical noise sound when battery power is low

This is just the beginning

The Pico 4 device has only been on the market for a month, and has not yet arrived in America, yet what we can expect is a lot of improvements and future updates in order to continue competing with Meta’s Quest 2, the VR device that currently leads the industry by far in number of users.

But this could change, and if Pico keeps a steady pace of updates, adds applications, optimizes and expands the operating system, it would help a lot to make the perfect entry for future Pico 5, which would already have all the software part solved unlike the Pico 4, which today suffer a lot at the software level and not so much on the hardware, as they are very capable physically but are limited due to a poor software.

There is still more…

If you don’t have a virtual reality headset yet, and after reading about all the improvements that the 5.2 update brings to the Pico 4, you are considering buying one, we can help you decide.

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