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Meta Quest 3 Leaked – In-depth Analysis

Meta Quest 3 leaked – does it live up to the hype?

The Meta Quest 3 has been leaked just 5 days ago, this leak comes from youtuber sadlyitsbradley who has published a video explaining the features of this new device, Bradley already accumulated some fame for having previously leaked the plans of the Quest Pro, the VR and AR headset focused on the professional sector.

The third version of the Quest will replace the current Quest 2, one of the most beloved headsets by the community as it has brought many to the world of VR and virtual reality at a price that until now no company had been able to match, and is that just over a week ago that the new Pico Neo 4 headset was announced and it seems that it could be the first real rival of Meta.

Meta Quest 3 Designs

quest 3 design, images, leak
Meta Quest 3 Design (Soft Strap, USB-C and Jack 3.5mm)

The first thing that catches our attention regarding the design is that Meta has decided to continue using the soft strap as we know it in the current Quest 2, and following this same design the battery will also be kept in the front, a decision that has surprised many of us since as we have seen with Pico Neo 4, the collocation of it in the back allows greater comfort thanks to a better weight distribution.

Let’s talk about the ports, on the left side we can see a USB-C connector, which will be used to charge the VR headset or to connect it to our PC in case we want to enjoy PCVR exclusive games.
On the opposite side we find a 3.5mm Jack connector that will allow us to connect our own headphones if we wish.

Cameras, lenses and eye tracking

Quest 3 filtradas diseño de camaras frontales
Quest 3 filtradas diseño cámaras laterales

In the first photo, we can distinguish an array of 4 cameras along with a depth sensor, features focused on mixed reality (MR) and to provide accurate tracking, if we look at the sides of the Meta Quest 3 we see two more cameras dedicated to obtain a 6DOF as accurate as possible.

As for the lenses, Meta has opted for pancake lenses that will reduce the size and weight of the headset, a very important detail that Meta neglected with its Quest 2.
Regarding the screens, the Quest 3 will have 2x LCD displays.

Another topic that has brought up a lot of discussion has been the face/eye tracking feature, as according to what Bradley comments in his video, the Quest 3 will NOT have this technology, news that for many has been a disappointment given the great relevance of this technology for the virtual reality sector.

Charging dock, speakers and IPD wheel

quest 3 filtradas, leak, diseño inferior
Quest 3 filtradas, IPD selector

Finally, we have yet more leaked information about the Quest 3 (the charging dock, the speakers, and the IPD tuning system)

Let’s analyze both photos, first we find a roulette system to regulate the volume, very simple but effective, right next to it we have a charging dock that will most likely be compatible with the one on the Quest Pro, the headset dedicated to the business sector of Meta.
If we talk about the audio system, it seems that Meta will keep the same type of speakers but perhaps with some slight changes and improvements.

Finally it is time to talk about the IPD (distance between the center of the pupils), in case of not having the IPD well adjusted the image would be blurred and could cause dizziness, headaches… in the Quest 3 we get back an adjustable wheel as in the first Quest, something that is greatly appreciated.

What can we expect from the new Quest 3?

While it is true that as people say, the lack of Face/Eye tracking may be a problem in the long run, but we also have to remember that Meta tries to offer its Quest line at an affordable price, if it had too many features and technologies we would probably stop talking about a cheap virtual reality headset.

I sincerely believe that we are facing a very premium product and certainly necessary at a time when the Quest 2 is starting to fall behind in terms of hardware and features.

If Meta manages to launch the Meta Quest 3 at a competitive price point, they could once again break sales records, and with it increase the VR user base, one of the main goals of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who has publicly said:

«By the end of the decade, we hope to get around 1 billion people on the Metaverse»

To conclude, I think it is important to remember that what we have are leaks and designs that while likely to be final or very close to final, could still be subject to change prior to the release of Meta Quest 3.

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