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Taking Pico 4 Comfort to the Next Level with AMVR Face Accesories

If you are a fan of virtual reality, you probably know how important it is to have a comfortable and immersive experience. And the AMVR Facial Interface for Pico 4 is helping a lot with that.

Many of us have even bought a new VR headset or sent back the one we had just for the comfort, because having a half a kilo computer on your head doesn’t sound especially comfortable but, with the right accesories it can be.

Why the AMVR Facial Interface ?

If you have a Pico 4, you probably have encountered one of the following issues with the original facial interface or cover, from the feeling of burning on your forehead, light leake on the sides, a very tough material for your skin…

But here is where the AMVR Facial Interface for Pico 4 comes in, it offers a solution for most of this issues, at least to me it did and I want to puntualice it since comfort is so relative to the person talking, so what worked for me might not be the best solution for another person.

However, most people who have tried the AMVR face cover have loved it on every sense, so why don’t give it a try?

amvr face cover cushion comfort light leakage fix

Everything Great about the Pico 4 AMVR Facial Interface

The Pico 4 AMVR Facial / Face Cover offers a way more comfortable experience, the materials are softer and the cushion feels much better when resting on your face, making it a great option to improve long gaming sessions with your VR headset.

It is thinner than the original face cover, increasing the FOV in a few degrees by putting your eyes closer to the lenses, another positive point about it is that it helps with the cooling thanks to some openings found on the top of it helping to get the air out of the cover and face compartment.

The AMVR Facial Interface for Pico also fixes the light leakage on the sides of the headset, as it has a more rounded shape which envolves your face, removing completely any previous gaps, something that is truly annoying.

Last but not least, the AMVR face cover is easy to install and remove, and it can be washed by hand or on the washing machine although I wouldn’t recommend using the latter. It is compatible with most glasses and does not affect the lens adjustment of the Pico 4.

amvr face cover for pico 4 a comfort upgrade

What’s my Personal Experience Been Like?

I have been using the AMVR face cover for over a month now, and I can honestly say that it has improved my VR experience by a lot.

I feel the headset is now way more comfortable, and this translates into a move immersive experience since previously I had to constantly adjust the headset so it wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable, now I can play for longer without feeling burning, high pressure or anything like that.

If you ask me, the AMVR face cover is a must-have accessory for any Pico 4 owner who wants to enjoy VR as much as possible. Even with two negative things to consider that I had with it, I feel like it is a perfect accesory.

Negative Points on my Experience

But as you expected, not everything about this product can be good and perfect. It actually has two points that I’d like to address now.

First of all, the very positive thing about having your eyes closer to lenses can also be a problem if you use pretty thick glasses, since it is now possible you could scratch the lenses, it shouldn’t happen but it easier with this new facial cover.

And the last thing, is that the headset because it is thinner it can sometimes feel more uncomfortable, for example, when looking up because the weight of the headset falling on your nose is the headset itself rather than the cushion.

amvr facial interface pico 4 vr accesory

Where to Buy the AMVR Facial Interface for Pico 4?

If you are interested in getting the AMVR face cover for Pico 4, you can order it online from their official AMVR site, Amazon or other retailers. It is currently priced at around $30, which is a great deal for such a high-quality product. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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