ESTP – Entrepreneur – 16 MBTI Personalities

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Among the 16 MBTI Personalities the ESTP personality encompasses 4.3% of the world’s population. It is characterized by being a very energetic, proactive and adventurous profile of people.

entrepreneurial estp 16 personalities

ESTP Personality – Entrepreneur


3% women, 6% men

Flexible and tolerant, they take a pragmatic position focused on immediate results. They are bored with theories and conceptual explanations; on the contrary they prefer to act with all their energy to solve the problems. They focus on the «here and now», are spontaneous and enjoy every moment when they can be with other people. They learn better by doing than by listening.

Adjectives describing this profile:

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ESTP – Explained by me:

If man stumbles twice over the same stone, ESTPs even stumble over mountains. Adrenaline is their middle name; they won’t take long to jump into action to try to solve a problem. They’re super smart, but they hate sitting still, talking and explanations: they learn the hard way. They don’t have anything to mess with? Don’t worry, they create the problems themselves; their favorite part of being alive is being able to solve problems immediately and as rationally as possible, because they are such smart people that they enjoy living on the edge and challenging themselves and gambling every day.


  • Marketing, business and security forces.
  • Fourth profile with fewer college credits.
  • Prone to chronic pain.
  • Fourth profile with greater assertiveness.
  • They’re the ones who care the least about erroes.
  • The most likely to be popular at school.
  • The ones who work best under pressure.
  • The most likely to learn with experience.

Examples of ESTP People

People: Donald Trump, Alexander the Great, Alfred Hitchcock

Characters: Han Solo, Nathan Drake, Joshep Joestar

Learn more about this profile:

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